[Studio Guest Teacher] Holding Court: Monologues with Carly Zien

The art of film speeches & theater monologues


The art of the monologue or speech is like making a short film or a 10 minute play.  You have to create arc and dynamics in a very short amount of time.  Develop your skills AND learn how to bring your unique self into the work when selecting an Audition Monologue or prepping to do that Big Speech in a Film or TV show.

GUEST TEACHER CLASS: Monday December 11th | 6:30-10:30pm

Union Square | New York City

$140 Total

December 11, 2017

Monologue & Film Speeches Coaching

With Guest Teacher, Carly Zien

**Your monologue will be filmed for you to receive and view later.


I want you to get used to taking center stage.

That moment when it is ALL about you. The world stops and everyone is only paying attention to YOU. This is what happens in a monologue.

The monologue can be performed on stage, in a film, or in auditions for agents, managers, theater repertory seasons, or graduate school auditions.

People often ask to see monologues in auditions for theater or film/TV simply because it is ONLY about you.

Monologues (or speeches) are everywhere. And they are absolutely riveting when done with inspiration and craft.

Film & TV is often hinged on a major scene that reveals everything about the character… all revealed in one long speech! In fact, you could probably trace many of the Oscar wins to a significant speech in a film!

Casey Afleck in Manchester by the Sea is one of the most crafted and sincere speeches and performances that surely influenced voters to give him the Oscar.

Learn to take center stage and to consciously shape and craft the speech.

I’ve invited Carly to teach the art of the audition monologue and Film/TV speech because she LOVES them, and is quite the expert on it. The perfect combo for any of my Guest Teachers.

x, Heidi


  • The big tip to giving your best auditions every time (hint: it has nothing to do with the scene or monologue!)
  • Blasting through the fears that are keeping you from giving your best work.
  • Strategies for memorization, what to wear, and how to follow up.
  • Practical skills for breaking down your piece, clarifying your intention, and bringing the world of the play or film into the audition room.

Carly will help you break down your favorite audition monologues or film/TV speeches to bring them new life and vitality, and will share with you her insights on how to give the best audition, every time.

Also, if you have a speech in an upoming film or episode that you will be performing, please feel free to bring that!

Monologues from contemporary plays, film, television, and Shakespeare are all welcome.

With Carly, you’ll rediscover your love for auditioning and invigorate the artist within.


  • When you register, you will be sent a Questionnaire to prepare before Class #1.
  • Your monologue will be filmed in class and sent to you later via Dropbox.
  • Select 1-2 monologues or speeches to bring to class.
  • Personal coaching in the group.
  • A small class size.
  • Bring in Theater or Film Monologues / Speeches – whichever you prefer to focus on. The craft of shaping it will be the same for both.
  • During class, when she sees you working, Carly will offer up suggestions for you to consider for future monologues.


I met Carly in class! Yes, she is an alumna! So she gets you, she gets our collective alumni aesthetics of being the best you in the audition room.

When I met Carly, she had recently graduated from Yale School of Drama and was fully committed to breaking into film & TV. I loved her focus and approach as a highly trained actor. While at Yale, she told me that she was always involved in the audition process for the MFA program and developed her eye on what makes a good audition monologue. I stored this info in my brain… and I’ve been sending actors to her for years to coach on their monologues, in particular.

Actors LOVE working with Carly and have GOTTEN INTO AMAZING SCHOOLS, PROGRAMS, and HOOKED REPS under her guidance.

So, I invited her to guest teach monologues because of her passion for them, as well as her inside scoop expertise on what works from all those zillons of Yale auditions.

And, I think doing monologues will overall support each of you as you discern how to master the moment to moment work in your acting in every medium.

Thank you, Carly, for coming to work with  my beautiful alumni!



Carly Zien is an actress, business owner, and audition coach for actors in all mediums. In 2014, she graduated from the Yale School of Drama, and has been working in film, television, and theater ever since. In her coaching work, Carly focuses on helping students prepare for MFA and BFA auditions, unlock challenging monologues (including those tricky Shakespeare pieces), and eliminate mental blocks that keep her clients from their freest, most joyful performances. She is passionate about empowering artists and helping actors discover and rediscover their passion for what they do. Her hope for her clients, beyond booking jobs and getting into school, is that they remember why they love to act, and that they grow into stronger, more vibrant artists.

Carly’s coaching website


“I just finished filming a short this weekend and I was so so so relieved that it was after taking your class. Rather than trying to land a perfect take, I used each opportunity to make different choices, to give the director more choices not one, and it was sooooooo freeing!!!!!”

- Belle Caplis https://www.maggiebellecaplis.com

Your thoughts  & beliefs are beautifully written, the truth, & conveyed from your heart. Thank you!

- Kevin Kilner www.imdb.com/name/nm0453273/

I’m telling you— your class really prepared me for what I had to do those THREE DAYS I was shooting.  The amount of confidence and focus your class forced me to have truly bled into my work.  Because of your Romantic Comedy lecture I knew exactly how to read the script–what part of the show I was entering, what level to be at, what the story thus far needed from me–I was able to look at the work from the outside in and not get all inside myself and stuck.

- Claire Tyers https://www.clairetyers.com/

“Heidi doesn’t play. This experience was a lot of work and worth every ounce of effort.

- Gabriel Awan www.gabrielawan.com/

 “I got so much out of the time we spent together; I think I benefitted more from 4 short weeks of your class than months spent with other teachers. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I also gained some much needed self-confidence and I attribute this to your approach and the supportive atmosphere you promote in your class. You helped me look at things differently and feel better about my approach. Thank you.

- Dawn Vicknair

“You’ve given me so much confidence moving forward. The whole arc of the classes is so inspiring and wonderful [Parts 1&2].  Truly, all of the doubts and anxieties I had about myself and what I was “putting out there” had been my worst enemy, and you’ve not only helped me embrace them, but learn to love them about myself and use them to my advantage.

- Chris Russell chrisrussellactor.com

“You are in it at the heart and soul level.  That’s why you reach such depth with us in the studio.

- Catherine Rogers

“It was the most empowering experience I have had in many many years. Your generosity inspires me as an artist, teacher, and human. I have my first film audition tomorrow (today)! It’s a short surreal-horror-comedy. I want to have fun and be present in the moment, welcoming surprises. 

- Samantha Britt www.samanthabritt.com/

Nilsa and are in the process of developing our own projects and we help each other prepare for auditions, so we decided to take Heidi’s classes together. Working with Heidi has helped us figure out how to better coach and direct each other and made our creative process even more fun.

- Bryn Packard www.brynpackard.com

“Thanks for all your help with getting me up and running. I’ll be using what I learned in your classes for years.

- Erin Roy www.erinroy.com/

Heidi, thank you again for such a wonderful learning experience and all the support, you really rock!!!

- Basilica Bliachas www.basilicabliachas.com

Going Beyond was the most valuable exercise for me. Not necessarily because of how my work changed when you worked on it with me. (I really really liked the last take that I got.) But the lesson was helpful because of the process that you introduced to us to use after auditions.

- Amanda Martinez www.amandamartinezactor.com/

Your class shifted my mind and heart and perspective in such a positive direction. You are perpetuating a community of creative people that are kind to and considerate of each other. It is amazing to understand there is no real “other side” of the table, we are all striving towards the same goals!

- Laura Dadap www.LauraDadap.com

I definitely feel like I made more risks since Part 1. I noticed that I tend to stay away from doing comedy because I don’t think I’m funny, but it’s so much fun to do the more physically demanding roles!

- Tobi Lee Sigona www.TobiLeeSigona.com

It was extremely valuable to hear that we all need to find what we like about ourselves and what we can pat ourselves on the back for accomplishing, because chances are no one will do it for us.

- Chelsea Lando www.ChelseaLando.com

Second time around and I didn’t think it was possible to learn anymore from you but I sure did. I felt like class was even more challenging for me this time. Thank you for pushing me. For helping me acknowledge my crutches and work through them. Showed me how to put things into action. I feel like I have a whole new set of tools to help me in that audition room. But most importantly you reminded me that my career goes beyond what I do in the room, but that I also have to know how to market myself and showcase my work in the best way possible.

- Darlenis Duran www.DarlenisDuran.com

Thanks so much for all of your giving and generosity.  Your incredible spirit is why we all come back to you  (and send our friends! :))

- Tiffany Trainer www.tiffanytrainer.com/

Keep all of it…every bit of it! I will say that the first class of Part 2 blew my mind.

- Wes Mason www.wesmasonstage.com

In the beginning, I was unclear about how much of myself I should bring to the character. And now, I feel secure to create character using my core qualities. We quickly realized there’s no wrong way to read a scene. Everyone will bring their own spin. No need to try and become something we are not. We can simply create from our most authentic selves.  I also have a better sense of my marketability and the direction of my site!

- Athena Colon www.athenacolon.com

I learned so much about myself and acting from your class, and for the first time, I found the joy and fun in auditioning. I had two auditions for plays two weeks ago and used what I learned in your class for both auditions. I got great feedback and booked both of them!

- Marchelle Thurman www.MarchelleThurman.com

Part one is a great foundation, but part two gives me permission to actually believe all the “Ah-ha” moments I’m having. So much so, that these “Ah-ha” moments are happening outside the classroom–AND I BELIEVE THEM!

- Ally Young-Price www.allyyoungprice.com

I learned so much about myself and acting from your class, and for the first time, I found the joy and fun in auditioning. I had two auditions for plays two weeks ago and used what I learned in your class for both auditions. I got great feedback and booked both of them!

- Marchelle Thurman www.marchellethurman.com

Taking the alumni class is a booster, I feel so much more connected to my craft and have a better focus on what my goals are…it’s the recharge I needed!

- Nyseli Vega www.NyseliVega.com

I will say that the first class of Part 2 blew my mind. By seeing other actors deliver the same material in a completely different way, it exposed that the only person you compete with is yourself and that no one really does what you do.

- Wes Mason www.wesmasonstage.com

Thanks again for the great class. It was really nice to get to know you again after all these years, and I do feel that what I learned in the class has fundamentally changed how I audition on camera. No small thing!

- Dashiell Eaves www.DashiellEaves.com

You have been such an inspiration this past year, and you have had a huge impact on my growth as a young actor.

- Sean Carvajal

Heidi, I love the way you make us feel like heroines!

- Polly McKie www.PollyMckie.com

Wow… I learned a great deal about myself on many levels… so thank you!

- Fiona Graham www.fiona-graham.com

I see your classes as a continuation, a process of going more in depth with your actor self and your marketability. In Part 1, you find your niche but may only go partially there commitment-wise on the journey. In Part 2, I saw in my self and other actors a deeper commitment to our own place and marketing it to the entertainment community AND a lesson that this journey of “coming to this marketing commitment “is a deeply creative one, not just “Marketing” in a cold sense.

- Ilyana Kadushin www.IlyanaKadushin.com

The thing about your classes is that you are asking students to learn about themselves – who they ARE. Serious self-reflection can be a jarring thing for some people. But the ones who really buy in and want to actively take part in that journey, they sign up for the next class because they want to continue learning about themselves. So you have this group of people who really “get” that to understand any character, they have to understand themselves first.

- Michael Maloney www.MichaelMaloney.com

In Part One class, I was able to find how to tap into the audition process and in Part Two I was able to find how to tap into the overall process of my career.

- Johnny Sanchez www.JohnnySanchez.com

Part 2 I felt was all about delving into the relationship between the actor and the camera. A more technical class. Part one was delving in to self, identifying type, working  toward and against type casting- and part 2 I think incorporates all of that work and then brings on camera technique to it, Maybe that was just my experience, but I felt that after 1 I could identify roles I would be cast in and roles I’d like to play and part 2 was taking that knowledge and putting it to use by applying technical skills in front of the camera and refining my audition prep. Also, after 2, I knew what kind of photos I wanted and how I wanted to market myself through my website. That was  HUGE help to the start of that journey.

- Jessica Kahler www.jessicakahler.com

Part I class should be required for any seriously-minded actor whether the individual is just starting out or has been pounding the pavement for 15 years. With that said, you really start to apply and see the results in Part II class.  It’s remarkable how much growth that takes place in everyone when they take Part II class.  You can see that change take place even more as you witness actors honing their craft in the Alumni Gym.

- Talym Jinn Kim www.jinnskim.com

I loved Part 2 class with you. I learned quite a few things…It’s best to really commit to my point of view of the scene and do it the way I really want to, not the way I THINK someone would want me to do.  I learned that it is really important to bring MY best qualities and strengths to the character.  And you and the class really helped me learn what those best qualities are.  Updating my website helped give me focus and tune into the reality that I am my own CEO.

- Kimiye Corwin www.kimiyecorwin.com

A huge takeaway is to have fun and remember that the Casting folks are probably desperate to have someone come in and liven, lighten and laugh it up.  And I as well.

- Ana Maria Jomoloca Orange Is The New Black

“I felt more like a part of a creative family than I have since conservatory. You do a great (like, one of the best in the industry) job of facilitating a sense of community in your classes, and that was even more present in 2 than 1.  It was definitely helpful to my learning to feel so very comfortable in Part 2 with the group, and the size of the group.  It was really really helpful to continue straight on from Part 1. There’s something about saturating yourself in the mindset that causes long term shifts.

- Misha Calvert www.mishacalvert.com