Heidi as Guest Teacher (Schools, Workshops, Panels)

Give skills and confidence to your students.


Guest Teaching classes are specially designed for each group: Graduate, Undergraduate, and Group Workshops. Being a working actor is beyond just having talent and being in the right place at the right time. Competition is too high. I believe that actors who are armed with knowledge about the business, skills to prep audition material, and have tons of audition practice will strengthen their confidence and actually help them book jobs.

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Skills for the toolbox, Confidence for the actor

Students are hungry to have contact with the professional world while they are in the midst of training.  Based on having auditioned tens of thousands of actors, I teach what I wish that all actors should know when they start auditioning competitively.

Being a working actor is beyond just having talent and being in the right place at the right time. Competition is too high.

I believe that actors who are armed with knowledge about the business, skills to prep audition material, and have tons of audition practice will strengthen their confidence and actually help them book jobs.

Knowing where one fits in (learning that a young actor is not able to play the 50 year old character types beyond college productions) is a road that all actors must travel.  I am passionate about helping them to navigate finding their types as soon as possible in their careers.

I have specially designed classes for Graduate level students to learn about the industry they plan to work in and how to strengthen necessary audition skills that support the talent.


M.F.A. Guest Teacher

  • The New School, New York City (2005-current)
  • Actors Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.), San Francisco (2012-2013)

Undergraduate Guest Teacher

  • New York University (NYU), New Studio on Broadway (2014)
  • Colorado College (2004)


  • “Inside The Audition Room for Theater and Film” (audition room etiquette and technical tips, how casting decisions are made, shaping audition scenes, how to build confidence)
  • “Finding Your Comfort Zone On-Camera” (basic skills for acting on camera, how to shape camera scenes, learning your marketability)
  • Class sizes range from 6-12
  • 1 day session, 3 days (4 hour blocks), multiple weeks (2 hour blocks) – any option is workable


International Musical Theater Workshop, Sydney, Australia

  • One week intensive for Ages 13-18
  • Class size ranged from 10-30
  • “Audition Presence” (basic skills for strengthening focus for children and young people inside the audition room, unearthing natural personalities inside characters, embracing auditions as a process to grow as an actor)

Celine Dion’s A New Day, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • One week intensive on Acting and Auditioning
  • Designed classes to re-invigorate a company of dancers and actors while they maintained a Las Vegas show.



You made that performance possible, quite frankly.  I  was really intimidated and riddled with doubt. As embarrassed as I was to be lost when I entered your space, you did a terrific job of being compassionate, specific and clear. 

- Orange Is The New Black Guest Star

[American Idol Winner] Fantasia unleashes with a feeling of connection to the dramatic moment.

- New York Times Review Private Acting Coach to Fantasia for Broadway’s THE COLOR PURPLE

I think that was my best audition for a Broadway show. There’s no question that I was in control of my own audition. I knew from CD’s response that she had received what I shared. I’m excited to work a little differently and more healthfully in future audition situations.

- Brittney Morello www.brittneymorello.com

“Heidi is the lady to go to!! I use her convenient skype sessions to make sure I’m super ready for auditions and I went to her AFTER I booked Red Oaks to make sure I would show up on set guns-a-blazin.

- Alexandra Turshen Amazon’s series RED OAKS alexandraturshen.com

I wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to meet with me on Sunday! I just had my audition and I really genuinely felt like it went very well. I employed all of your tips (including getting a blow out before!) and it made me so confident going in to the audition.

- Comfort Clinton www.imdb.com/name/nm5472725/

You are an amazing teacher and I’ve learned and gained so much about myself as an actor as well as a business. I know this is truly the beginning for me. I have so much more to do and so much further to go but for once I feel excited and equipped for the journey [when I graduate]. There’s a sense of feeling more grounded and in anticipation of exploring ME in this journey rather than living for the outcome. Thank you for that!!!

- Stephanie McBee A.C.T. MFA www.stephaniemcbee.com

Coaching ’twas very helpful and all went well.  Even when I half-forgot my second line, I was able to just breathe and roll with it since we prepped so nicely!

- Nina Covalesky www.ninacovalesky.com

I genuinely feel I learned so many tips and techniques from just working with you in that one session. I felt like I had a mini acting crash course. It’s so important to stay fresh, and I can’t thank you enough! You’ve definitely changed the way I will look at sides from now on, as well as cold reading.

- Katie Dixon http://encompassarts.com/artist/katie-dixon/

Thank you for making auditioning fun and not terrifying!

- Ingrid Vollset www.ingridvollset.com

Thanks SO much for your help with this audition. I’m really happy with my takes.

- Carmen Gil carmengil.com

I wanted to thank you for everything you taught me. So much clicked in with this audition that I just booked. I can’t really put into words what clicked, but it sure did.

- Bruce Fuller

Audition went incredibly well. It was a very necessary and joyous win for me. I left the room swimming in tears of joy and relief; I felt like I had finally returned to that creative lovely place I was in during school and had missed since graduating.

- David Siciliano www.davidsiciliano.com

You gave me the shot of adrenaline I needed, now to stay on Cloud 9.

- David Martin

And, may I say, thank you so much!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you helping me get through that block that I have had for years.  I really communicated with my singing today – and it was such a huge breakthrough for me.  I look forward to carrying that connection with me into all of my auditions.  So, thank you a million times.

- Gabrielle Sterbenz www.gabriellesterbenz.com/

“I wanted to let you know that I felt really great about my audition today.  I was more relaxed than I’ve been in a long time, and really focused on the characters.  Funnily enough, my reader was mouthing my lines along with me, but I focused on using that annoyance as part of my character’s annoyance.  I even made the casting director laugh. It was great to be able to separate the audition from the result with the realization that even if I don’t get the part, I had fun in the room.

- Melle Powers

A heart-felt thanks for your wonder-full bedside manner in yesterday’s coaching.  I left renewed in my commitment to be part of the solution, etc.  Took some bold actions today as a direct result of our talk/coaching.

- Wendy Allegeart www.wendyallegeart.com

Once again in a short hour you inspired and change my life for the better! You rock!  Being motivated to finally be the artist I’ve dreamed of is amazing!

- Vince Vincent www.vincebvincent.com

Guess who booked the movie!?”  ME!!  All thanks to YOU!!! Best coach ever!  I’m a lucky gal!

- Samantha Massell www.samanthamassell.com

I don’t think I have ever auditioned so well. Thank you for all of your help! There really is nothing better than feeling prepared. Then your nervousness has the chance to turn into excitement (which makes this fun- and that’s why we do it, right?!) instead of morphing into worry

- Arlene Chico-Lugo www.arlenechicolugo.com

Heidi embraces each entity of the audition process with careful directness, providing an atmosphere which encourages the Actor, Writer, Camera and, yes, even Casting Director, to ‘do their own thing’ to the max!

- Ellyn Long Marshall Orpheus Group Casting